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I am a curious, philosophical, romantic lover of life. Both the light and the dark bits. I think there is so much more to our worlds than we let be seen in our day to day lives. I believe in feelings. And talking. I love the simple but I also love the complicated. I love really sweet tea, and the cold and the rain. I love the cuddles of my toddler, and the smiles of my husband. We also love a good argument too! I believe stories and books are the gateway to everything – I would read all day long if I had the luxury. Dreaming of exotic and far flung unreached places. I love the outdoors, exploring, getting muddy and out of breath. I believe in belly laughing and being silly, but also in quiet moments and hearing more than is being said. Breathing deeply, travelling, and New York baked vanilla cheesecake! Cake and coffee stops are my lifeblood. And most of all I love adventures. Of every kind! Daily adventures in the simplicity of domestic life with my family, and ginormous adventures climbing far flung mountains.

I live in North Yorkshire with the love of my life Erin who is 3.5 going on 30. She has definitely been here before! With my amazing husband Marc who keeps me inspired and holds me up when the going gets tough. We’ve got a vision for our life and small steps at a time we are turning the dream into reality. Sometimes it’s a bumpy ride, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s only just beginning…