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Real Life. Raw. Beautiful. Heartfelt

Lifestyle photography is about capturing you, your family, your lover, your friends, your day to day – just as they are. Truthful and beautiful, to be looked back on in years to come, but also to be put up on those walls. As mementoes that your life is a great one and that you have all the love you need. Images that show the essence of who you are, letting the subtle dynamics and personalities shine out.  I have two types of photography session with varied prices, but truly I am so much more about capturing you in your entirety, so I know we can make this work. It is an investment of the soul.

Family Sessions

Investing in a photographer is one of the best things that you can do. The images you receive are tangible proof of the life you have led. They will hold your story for you, and for your family in generations to come. Capture forever that love, that laughter, that truth. Every emotion. The moments in between.

I want you to look at a photograph and feel that I have captured how that moment felt. How it tasted, how it smelt, how it made your skin prickle. The soul of you. Less is more, and the more natural or quirkier or ‘you’ the environment the better. We’ll create informal, natural, sweet, crazy and wonderful images to carry through the years!


£150 – all images

  • A session is so personal so it really can take any time frame that you have. Often lasting approximately an hour – we will just have fun and go with the flow of the day
  • You will receive all high resolution edited images via an online gallery for immediate download and use, as well as sharing.

Sessions are on location at a place of your choice.


Dawn & Dusk Sessions

These sessions are my heart. Born out of a normal lifestyle session, but incorporating everything that you are, and everything I am. As a mother, as a partner. This is time and space to allow true relaxation. To have enough time to just document the normal day to day life. Your children will be able to play much more, let me become their best friend for that time. Run around the house, show me all of their special secret places and dreams and their perception of their worlds. And you can grab that coffee, do a little work, bake, snuggle time in bed. We will document both your life in your home, and then take it outdoors, let spirits roam free. These sessions truly allow me into your lives and that’s where the whole magic lies.

Investment: Heartsong – £395

  • A 5 hour (half day) session at times of your choice to cover the parts that suit your natural rhythms
  • You will receive all high resolution edited images via an online gallery told as a storyboard, and also hardcopy USB with licence to do with as you wish.

Beauty amongst the chaos, blood pumping through your heart, alive, vital, truly living the adventure, the touch of his little fingers on the back of your neck, her cheeky eyes as they pop around the bathroom door so you never get a seconds peace, the graze of the knee, the way his hair always sticks up just so no matter what you do to it, her folded arms as she refuses to wear matching shoes – just because that’s her amazing free spirit showing up at the age of 2, the roll of your husbands eyes as the coffee cup takes a tumble, the minute of absolute stillness as breakfast hits the table and is inhaled, everyone stopping for just a moment, the sticky finger marks as they leave the table, the bedroom chaos, pyjama bottom half mast, those precious baby teeth proudly shown off while brushing, morning baths with puddles to match ,painting, climbing, playing, screaming, crying…the sum of your days in the season of motherhood, the touch of you and your partners hands just in passing, his hand on your back up the stairs, daddys shoulder rides, crumpled bed jumping, sloppy kisses, grubby faces, laughter, love x

I would love to hear from you, so please contact me to arrange your session